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Debunking Cis Privilege
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Debunking Cis Privilege
This community is a space created for the purposes of challenging cissexism and transphobia in those of us who consider ourselves cisgendered/cissexual allies to transgendered/transsexual people. It is a space for people who stand in solidarity with trans people, as well as for trans people who are comfortable with being in a space where cis folk come to be educated. For cis members, this will require that we scrutinize our actions and motivations, as well as our investment in the systemic inequities that make transphobia and cissexism possible in our society. We believe that until cis people commit in good faith to doing this, widespread social change cannot occur.

We define cisgenderism as the systematic privileging of cisgender people (people who identify with and perform the gender associated with their sex assigned at birth in socially acceptable ways) over transgender and gender non-conforming people), and cissexism as the systematic privileging of cissexual people (people who identify with the sex assigned to them at birth) over transsexual and intersex people.

To debunk cis privilege in this space, we need to speak from our own experience and avoid speaking for others. This community is committed to anti-oppression and adheres to the power+privilege definition for oppression—you oppress others over whom you have both individual and institutional power and privilege. We do NOT believe in reverse “-isms." Transphobic or cissexist language and behavior are not acceptable. Joining the community also means we will check, in ourselves and in others, instances of ableism, classism, ethnocentrism/US-centrism, homo-/bi-/queerphobia/heterosexism, racism, sexism/misogyny, and that we will be sensitive to the intersections of these oppressions.

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