April 16th, 2009


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I realize that this community is supposed to be for 102 stuff and this is more 101, but it seems like feminist blogs are outing themselves as cissexist left and right.

Her defense of her boyfriend's letter, in the comments?
Well yeah, the whole Coulter-as-trans thing is of course insulting to trans people (in more than one way. I mean *Coulter*?!) The problem, though, is that Coulter herself makes a bfd out of how "attractive" she is. And, well, she isn't. And it's weird that she's kinda mannish given how hyper-femme she is.

So it's not the most pc joke in the world, for sure. But it's really hard to avoid.

I don't really read Bitch PhD, so i don't know if this is a disappointment or par for the course with her. But hey there you go.

ETA: omg her apology is even worse